Hello - Welcome to the Stunning Sponsor Page!
Thank you so much for your interest in advertising with us.

Ads begin running on the first on each month.
Your ad space will be reserved when payment is received.

Giveaways will run from Monday to Saturday.
Giveaway winners will be announced on Sundays.
Giveaways are advertised on over 100 social media outlets/linkies/websites.

Still want to hang with Stunning? 
If your blog or shop fits here, Stunning will gladly have you as a sponsor! :D

Things to consider:
  • Rates are subject to change as Stunning grows
  • Your place is reserved when payment is received
  • Sponsors have the option of complementary ad design  

Blog Stats (as of 10.13):
  • More than 800 public followers.
  • Nearly 200 page views daily .
  • Page views over 2,000 monthly.
  • Over 60,000 page views since day 1. 

Complimentary Social Media Stats (as of 10.13):
  • Over 400 followers on Twitter.
  • 500+ Facebook followers.
  • Over 500 following on Pinterest.
  • 100+ Instagram followers.

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