About Me

My name is Anna K. and somewhere along the way I picked up the nickname Stunning.  This might be because I have always loved dressing up - or perhaps it's because I wear ballet flats to go camping. Ever since I was allowed to use safety scissors I have been beading, building, drawing, coloring, sewing, and creating.

This is me and my trusty old laptop (RIP friend...)

One day I met a boy who embraced my crazy creative side and didn't mind my piles of fashion magazines and fabric, (most of the time).  

Hunky & Me on Mackinac Island riding a Bicycle Built for Two!

We fell in love...

.... I got a puppy for graduation...

.... and we got married.

His job took us from small Michigan towns to the heart of the Windy City.

We work too much and see each other too little. 
I sew - he studies - Mocha Bean barks. 
Welcome to our perfectly imperfect life.