Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Mackinac Get Away

Michigan is a fabulous state. Travelers and residence alike can both agree on that! The natural beauty is simply awesome. The local shops and eateries have spectacular service and will leave you wanting to come back again and again...

Hunky Boyfriend and I, along with a couple of old friends took a trip to Mackinac City & Mackinac Island about two weeks ago. Here are some pictures and memories from our fun little getaway... Enjoy a piece of Pure Michigan.

The Beach House, fabulous cabins we stayed at in Mackinac City. Great sandy beaches, delicious morning muffins, beautiful Lake Huron, lovely campfire conversation, and a marvelous time with good friends!

Hunky Boyfriend coming out on the Lake to wade with me - Aren't the cabins adorable?!

On the boat to Mackinac Island -- So excited for the fun day ahead of us!

Trying to figure out a plan of attack for seeing the Island! We chose tandem bicycles as our mode of transport...

G and Louis riding off into the beautiful blue yonder...

Love on a Bike for Two.

One of our many pit stops along the way was the see this beautiful cave formation - & - of course to pose for a fun picture!

Some fabulous Etsy items that remind me of my short stay in Upper Michigan:

darkcycleclothing makes this lovely little tee. Doesn't it put a smile on your face?

Mackinac Bridge print from Seedsstudio

Tandem Planter = Cutest thing EVER! From AceroStudio

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  1. The trip to Mackinac looks like fun and the weather looks like is was beautiful. Who wouldn't love tasty muffins for breakfast ?
    The biking photos are especially great, thanks for sharing a lovely place and a fun experience with us your readers.

  2. Almost Precious - Thank you for such a lovely comment, you brought a huge smile to my face! If you haven't vacationed in Upper Michigan I truly recommend it!

  3. I love that shirt! Biking is so fun! I'm your newest follower :)

  4. aah you make me miss the mitten! although, can you believe this: i lived in Michigan for like 16 years, and never went to the island! i've been across the bridge, and even to Isle Royale waaay up above the UP, but never once to Mackinac. Bad michigander! BAD!

    really enjoyed your lovely photos though. :D

  5. Looks like your trip was a lot of fun! :)

  6. Great picture of you two on the bike !!! It looks like you had fun !!!

  7. My mother's whole family was raised in Mackinaw City - it's a beautiful place :) Your pictures are great. My sister and I went on tandem bikes the last time we were on the island and we kept crashing! Lol (all my fault - I'm terrible on a bicycle). It's been a long time since I was there, hopefully the Hubby and I can visit soon :)


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