Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Holy Centipedes

A lovely Centipede representation from Etsy shop brownpaperbugs

I have been under attack!

There are centipede invading my lovely little home - Okay so maybe it has only been 4.
And quite possibly they've all appeared within two to three weeks of each other...


I found another one last night - this one was just hanging out on the ceiling...

This inspired me to do some research and from what Google tells me they aren't all that bad of a bug. Creepy and Gross - YES! Bad - No... They are the kind of bugs that eat the "bad bugs." I know what you're thinking... just because they are in your home doesn't mean that you're home is full of those "bad bugs."

Here's to you Centipede and our Love/Hate relationship...

Tosya has a great depiction of centipedes - I only wish they were this cute!

CompulsiveCreation has come up with a great way to keep snoops out of your journal!

Centipedes and I don't get along quite as well as the pair in this gorgeous painting from 8stephallison8

Are you being visited by any creepy crawlies this fall?


  1. eeew! We used to own an old limestone 1850's home and we had centipedes every so often - they totally creeped me out! Knowing that they're not "bad bugs" doesn't really comfort me. :)

  2. I just adore that journal! It looks like a sandworm!

  3. eeee those bugs creep me out so much!

  4. Making grubs glamorous. I love it!


  5. We're finding little house geckos everywhere. I think centipedes are creepier though....

    Great finds!

  6. Ew, bugs! Love Toysa's version, though

  7. A couple years ago when I was living in my Dad's basement and all of a sudden all these gross bugs showed up. They are jumping bugs that live in dark places. A few showed up over a few weeks, so I got paranoid and started leaving sticky traps in corners and under furniture. Whenever I checked them there were TONS. It was so gross and freaky, but my Dad solved the problem! That's why Dads are awesome. :)

    PS-I miss reading your blog. You must be a busy lady!

  8. Gaaaaaaaaaa I hate these things the ones we get are ginormous and REALLY fast....all those little legs moving at the same time - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwww. We get those nasty ear wigs too ewwwwwwww......my skin is crawling!


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