Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obsession: Infinity Scarves

I am in love with Infinity scarves!

You can wear them for fashion and then wrap yourself up in them when you get chilly... Fashionable & Functional = Perfect in my book!

Here are some of my favorite Infinity scarves on the market!

I love the stripes on this little number from Nordstrom's BP line

This scarf from Textilemonster is such a gorgeous shade of cobalt

VintageDutchGirl is responsible for this fabulous scarf

A little thicker than the traditional infinity scarf - this Arctic Snuggler Infinity Cowl from NinaRamone is perfect for chilly weather

What do you think of Infinity Scarves?


  1. Girl, you forgot American Apparel with the original circle scarf in a zillion different colors!

    I really don't know if they were the original (probably not) but I know I got one from them before most other places had them.

    And did I mention all the colors???

  2. I love them - perfect to slip up on your head in heavy winds too :)

  3. I love infinity scarves! I especially like the one from VintageDutchGirl :)


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