Friday, November 12, 2010

Guest Blogger: Tess Theisen

For your reading pleasure - Here is a little something from a new friend of mine, aspiring fashion journalist - Tess Theisen. Enjoy.

Someday Tess will probably write for one of these magazines - or - something equally fabulous!

i thought this might be fun. mostly for me because i enjoy writing, because i don't enjoy the current class im sitting through and because i think it will probably teach me a little about myself. so here's what i have to say about me.

i can be very vulnerable, but i like to be that way. i think it exposes me to a lot of different things i might otherwise not know how to handle if i had a brick wall in front of my heart.

i am independent. mostly due to my "childhood" i would say. and i hate to go there but so much of our life has to do with the way we were raised. and i wont go into gory details but lets just say i made my own dinner for a while.

i think my dad is literally a saint. i truly believe that hes one of the greatest humans to ever walk the earth.. and im not exaggerating. i continue to learn things about him and about life and even about myself and the way that i treat others by spending time with him and i wish that could never end.

im a fashion geek. im a sucker for indie, fashion and "artsy" photography. (if you will) i wish i was less consumed in the consumer world of our society, but im not. i actually wish i could de-conform from society all together (aka in the wild) but then id die really soon and i dont know if im ready for that. maybe one day i will be.

i love that everyone has a story. everyone has this crazy past and a crazy childhood and these crazy adversity battles theyve gone through and many of us are completely consumed in our own that we're way too busy for everyone else.

im interested in religion and faith. i think our society is kind of screwed but i also think its kind of beautiful. kind of beautiful how things change and how people adapt and continue to "invent".

read any of my poetry and you're literally reading my heart, listening to my soul. nothing is hidden, everything pours out and i cant even really control it. i cant really tone it down because the paper is the only one who listens and truly and non judgmentally listens to my thoughts.

i could talk forever, but i won't.

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  1. Hello! glad I found your blog on the Etsy thread. Will be back for updates!


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