Sunday, January 23, 2011

Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Round 1

Dear Stunning Little Sister, Best Friend & Stunning Momma,

Thank you for braving a blizzard to search for bridesmaid's dresses with me on a single digit Saturday morning.

Thank you for braving the crowd of other aggressive and pushy bridal parties.

Thank you for digging through a hundred dresses of all shades, fabrics and shapes.

Thank you Little Sis & Best Friend for trying on some of the most horrible things I've ever seen and letting me laugh at/with you.

Thank you Stunning Momma for your fabulously honest opinions.

Lastly, thank you for not killing me when we left empty handed and disappointed.

Here they are - a couple of the best people I know - in the dresses we thought we would leave with - then we found out they didn't come in similar colors that I liked...

One super cool thing from our morning full of dresses and stresses - it is now common for bridesmaid's dresses to have POCKETS!!

Girls - get ready for round 2...



  1. Thanks for sharing, Anna! Looks like it was fun, if a little insane. I love that you are sharing the details of your wedding planning, and I can't wait to see everything when it's all done. :)


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