Friday, January 21, 2011

Hunky Family Annual Ski Trip!

A little late - but - here are some super fun pictures from Hunky Fiance's Annual Family Ski Trip! I just love being from Michigan - going "Up North" is a blast year round, although I seem to last longer when it's warmer outside... Anyway, we loaded up the Hunky Family minivan and drove north to cross country ski during a weekend with minimal snow.

The 6 of us loaded up in the back of the van! That section in the middle has been given the name "Anna's Seat" - pretty sure I'm the only person who has EVER sat there or at the very least I've sat there the longest.
We went on a hike and stumbled upon this gorgeous tree - seriously, click on it and admire the bark...
Hunky and his Fabulous sisters Laura and Bethany!
Hunky looks so very in touch with nature here... leading his family with a large pointy stick...
We climbed a really big hill - Go Us!
We found this heart shaped log so...We took a cutesy picture! (You will notice this on the side of the blog.)
There was a group of little pine trees - naturally we had to give them hugs!The whole gang after we finally got to ski on our last day - I took a huge spill and ended up in the car just about an hour after we started... Falling stinks when there is no snow for padding.
Bethany and Laura were great sports sitting by the skis! Maybe next year we'll strap them to the top of the car...It was a fun/exhausting few days of Pure Michigan!

Do you have any winter traditions that take you into the great outdoors?


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