Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MLK Weekend Trip to Chicago Via Pcitures From my Blackberry...

Here we are on the Megabus - don't know what it is? It's a fabulously cheap way to get from point A to point B in average comfort - if it comes to your city I totally recommend it!

Hello Friends!

Sorry to have been MIA for a few days - Hunky and I took a little trip to Chicago to get a feel for a couple of neighborhoods that we are considering moving to. I thought that I would be able to update via my Blackberry, but was unable to figure out exactly how to do that. Hunky and I were also too cheap to pay $20 to have internet access in the hotel, yeah $20...

So - here's an update about our Chicago Adventure, a per photos I took on my phone :)

We walked from Union Station to this Westin, it took us about 20 min carrying all of our things. We then found out that there is another hotel with the exact same name about 2 miles from where this was located. I am not ashamed to say that I was not happy to be trudging around the city with everything I packed in 20* weather... Our actual hotel lobby was not a neat as this one, but it was still super nice.

I am in love with this mirror that we stumbled upon in a Nordstrom. This is where I tried on about 30 headbands and left with none because I couldn't make up my mind. Hunky and our friend Uma are saints because they just visited and let me go crazy in the accessory department for about an hour - I told them if we went in it would not be a quick trip...

This great looking chair was in the designer section at Nordstrom - How cool!

The dressing room in this White House Black Market puts the one that I work in to shame... Simply gorgeous. Although I would probably be too distracted by the gorgeous furniture and finishes to even thing about trying on clothes. The mannequin is wearing one of the fabulous wedding dresses from WHBM's Vow line - which is in stores on Oak St. I did visit there, but forgot to take pictures!!A seriously fabulous chandelier in the White House Black Market fitting room.

Our walk to just about anywhere lead us through streets with fabulous designer store fronts - I could get used to passing Tory Birch every day!

I have this strange obsession with dining in street facing windows. Maybe it's because it's then okay for you to stare at the passers by, but rude for them to stare back at you... :) Hunky was not surprised when I had to stop and take a photo of this lovely little table for two!

Dear Chanel Staff,
Thank you for letting Hunky and I walk through your store as though it was a museum. Also, thanks for adding to my commentary on the garments. I am sorry for leaving soggy boot prints on your carpet. I hope to make up for this by someday purchasing something from your store, although you shouldn't count on that in the near future.
Love, Anna

The Lincoln Park Zoo is such a great place to visit, even in the winter! They have so many indoor exhibits and you'll get jealous of the sea-lions who swim around in a heated pool. I can't wait to go back in the spring when everyone is allowed outside. The big cat room is also another place not to miss. Love that the park is totally fabulous and totally free!

It was so nice to start getting to know a great little part of the city that we might soon call home. I'm definitely going to miss living so close to my fabulous family and it will take some time to adjust to life with a significantly lower amount of grass/green space.

Have you been to the Lincoln Park area?


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