Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Stunning Momma & The Mail Order Swap

What She Ordered:
Dryer Balls - A natural way to soften fabrics, just throw them in the dryer and let it run. Avoid chemicals, great for those with allergies and save money that would otherwise be spent on softening products.

What Arrived in the Mail:
Large Wire Gecko: Great for decorating outdoors especially during the warmer months, as per the lovely floral pattern. Children with pet allergies will love him, not to be used in dryer.

See how similar they are?

When she called to report the mix up the woman actually suggested that she not put the gecko in the dryer... :D

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  1. LOL! That's something that would happen to me. I was thrilled to win a sweet little mechanical tin blue bird on ebay - what arrived was a hideous florescent green bulging eyed mechanical FROG !!! The poor seller had to write me that the other person claimed to never receive anything. He said I could keep the frog if I wanted and he would refund me anyway - NO THANK YOU - sent that thing right back. Ebay Fail.


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