Monday, February 28, 2011

Apparel & Textile Design Fashion Show

This weekend was the First Annual Apparel and Textile Design Fashion Show! There were 54 garments in the show and just around 40 designers - I had two garments in the show. My trusty models, Gina & Kristin (of I Hate Everyone, if you haven't checked this out I'm sure you'll love it!), and I were together from 8:30 am to 9:30 pm and through at times we were ready to fall asleep it was a blast! I was honored to receive one of four awards given out that night: an Innovation in Design Award for my gown entitled Swatches (on Gina.)

It literally took ALL day to get to this point! Don't they look fabulous!?

Here are the girls at 8:30 am just starting hair a make-up, notice the hair which will evolve quite drastically through this process! (I am still in my jammies at this point - not being photographed!)

The hair is a bit larger here and the make-up is getting bolder. The students at the Douglas J Institute did a fabulous job! The pushed out 54 models like it was nothing at all! Gina, my model on the left is a hair stylist, it was so great to have her on the team - she came up with the hair and make-up ideas and helped the students make them a reality!

Fake eyelash time - they were awesome and had feathers on them!

Isn't she just gorgeous? Little does Kristin know that there are 2 rehearsals and about 8 hours until she hits the runway!

The back of Gina's great looking up-do - super high hair!

Kristin was pretty much given an Afro - we stuck a fabulous headband that I made in her wild curls just to add a bit of sparkle.

The initial walk through was to help the girls get used to their shoes and to introduce them to the marks they were to hit and hold for 3 seconds each.

Here's Kristin working on her practice run through.

All dressed and ready to walk down the runway for dress rehearsal!

Since we had hours of down time I utilized part of it to do a product review! I was sent a few fabulous cards from deanpennandpaper - I used 2 of them to thank my fabulous models for giving up their whole Saturday! The cards are such high quality, great card stock and marvelous print quality, I also love the colored envelopes they came with! (I also bought my models Wendy's for lunch to thank them - I doubt any other designers buy their models fast food - ha ha!)

Gina reading her thank-you and snacking on chips and salsa as well as trail mix - the snacks of most super models...
Kristin was actually able to sit comfortably in her dress and lounged on the floor for a few hours of down time - here she is reading her bright and colorful thank-you card!

I'm so lucky to have such fabulous ladies in my life who are willing to let me poke and prod them for a whole day! Thanks again girls!

Here we are just before show time! They told Gina just before she made her way down the runway that the dress she was wearing had won a big prize - I was beyond excited when I learned that I won the Innovative Design Award!

After the show I celebrated with family over drinks and appetizers at a local restaurant. They were all very impressed with the show and said they had a great time! Hunky's mom apologized for screaming when it was announced that I won an award - she wasn't aware of fashion show etiquette - honestly I wanted to scream too! :) After this I went home and crashed - it was such a long and fantastic day.

Don't forget that our fabulous sponsor, deanpennandpaper, is offering 20% off their cards to all of you if you enter the code save20 - seriously, stock up before this deal is gone!

Hope you're off to a great week!



  1. Congratulations! You did a fantastic job creating the dresses and your models are beautiful!

  2. wow, what big giant congrats you deserve. This is huge! I love the dress Ginger is sporting!

  3. Not to be redundant, but those dresses are stunning!!


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