Monday, March 21, 2011

Life and Jean Capris

Hello All!

Life has been keeping me pretty busy lately, this means I've been pretty scarce around here and I apologize. Classes are keeping me busy as always, but on top of that there have been several other let's call them challenges...

TheLetterStudio really could not have said it any better with this print.
  • Hunky had a bit of a health scare, don't worry, he's alright, thank you for those of you who sent warm wishes and prayers our way!
  • It was thought that my trusty little laptop was dead, but it's only her changer, meaning I am only with Blackberry access to the internet world until a new charger arrives in the mail in a couple of days. I am sneaking this post to you from a public computer on campus, I will be washing my hands several times after finishing this post!
  • My credit card info was stolen. Discover was wonderful and nipped the issue in the bud - if you don't already have a card through them and you need one I totally recommend using them! They figured out that it was from a transaction at the store Journey's, (they have the best little socks there for wearing with flats), someone hacked into their system and stole client information... :(
  • The senior thesis projects in both majors are going as well as they possibly can be... I have added one more dress to my collection for my Apparel & Textile Design project, photos will be posted as soon as I'm officially back on track with my laptop. The Interior Design thesis project is a bit misguided, the directions have become very unclear, but I'm trying to keep working until I hit one of those points where I can go no further!
Classes will be over in a about a month - I am very excited to have the time to bring you more projects and wedding planning updates!

Today I am all about capri pants - I invested in my first pair of jean capris EVER over the weekend and am simply giddy!

Love the dark wash on these dark wash jean cropped flare from White House Black Market (These may or may not be the ones that I purchased I had a hard time finding them on the website... :D)

I am a big fan of the light wash on these J. Crew capris - I'm pretty sure that if I tried this look I'd feel/look silly, but, it's really working for this model!

These American Eagle capris are a great mid-wash look - also - I think it's still legit for twenty-somethings to wear AE products because they are sized in Misses (0,2,4...) even though I rocked this brand in middle school...

Have a great day - Here's to being back in blog action by mid-week!



  1. i bought some jean capris recently too-now it's finally warm enough to wear them :)
    thanks for stopping by~

  2. I some Jean capris about 7 years ago from old navy and have loved them ever since! Time for some new ones!

  3. What a great quote! Definitely something to keep in mind when life brings up all those little challenges.

    Good to hear Hunky is okay and it's only your charger not your computer that's dead. Mine died a few weeks ago after spilling water on it and had to shell out several hundred for a new one.

    Good luck on your thesis projects! :)


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