Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real Life Up!

National Geographic has a show that will premier this fall called, "How Hard Could It Be?" On one of their episodes they attached a bunch of huge balloons to a small house, just like the house in the Pixar movie Up!

Here's a shot of the house up in the sky! Each of the 300 balloons when inflated was 8' tall, causing the house to rise 10,000' into the air!

My favorite thing is the bright colors of the balloons - such a happy little house floating through the sky!

I found some happy little "Up" inspired items on Etsy!

This Up in the Air Print is on a Dictionary page, what a cool piece from TheLittleRice

thepapercrown1 has this fabulous little greeting card in stock.

Such a great motivational print from thiswayup1

The winner of the deanpennandpaper $25 shop credit giveaway was entry 88 out of 97. (Thanks!) Congrats Lesli - so excited to see what you pick!



  1. Up was such a heartwarming film. What a clever (and wonderfully whimsy) idea -- a Real Life Up moment!

  2. Ok.... how in the world did they get the house back down???


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