Thursday, June 9, 2011


Any of you who are regular Stunning readers have probably realized that I've been MIA recently. I've got a confession. I have been in a blogging funk. For the past 5 years I've gone to school year round in order to complete my degrees and now that I'm done I'm having a really hard time transition into managing all of this new time I have.

Okay - so I don't really have that much "free" time I'm working 35+ hours a week, planning a wedding and several moves - but - I don't have as many up and coming urgent deadlines as I am used to in my "normal" or "standard" life as a student.

This brings me to my blogging funk. I have just kind of been stuck - I have been thinking about taking some time off to develop a schedule and get my creative juices flowing. Then today, I got an e-mail and a comment from two very special people that changed my mind. I originally started this blog to keep track of creative inspiration as well as to promote Etsy sellers and my own handmade wares - these lovely ladies reminded of my blog's intent.

In summary... I was turned off to blogging after my life lost structure. I thought about taking a blogging break, then was contacted by some awesome readers who made me realize that I like it here! I'm going to try to keep posting at least 2 days a week. So, get ready for more shopping, crafts, fabulous finds, handmade-ness, and wedding planning stories!

Happy (Almost) Friday!



  1. PS you need to post my guest blog eventually!

  2. We all get into that funk. Glad you got some motivation/inspiration!


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