Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Thoughts on Wedding Planning

I really don't know how people are engaged for much longer than Hunky and I have been. The past 7 months have been quite possibly the most stressful of my life. Finishing up 2 degrees, working 2 jobs, helping Hunky by leaving him alone as well as being a distraction at times to allow him to study for his certification tests, planning a wedding, planning a move home, planning a move to Chicago...

But there is one thing that I've been keeping in the back on my mind... It's only 1 day.

The wedding is 1 day and the marriage is the rest of the days following on and on into forever...


So... When I get overwhelmed with the fact that someone wants to teach the staff at the reception hall a new napkin fold despite the fact that the staff already knows 10 perfectly beautiful ways...

I think about future lazy Sunday afternoons where Hunky and I will attend mass in the morning, have brunch, and then spend the afternoon wandering around Lincoln Park with Mocha in tow.

When I mention my ideas for what I've been brainstorming for bridesmaid's gifts and am told I can't just give them things I like because I have to consider that everyone is in a different life stage and so on...

I think about how much I might dislike Hunky traveling for work but how wonderful it will be to have him home again each and every time.


When I get overwhelmed to the point that I question whether or not all of this fuss and commotion is worth it; invitations to people that neither of us know, countless awkward conversations about how intend to "plan" for our family, bridesmaid shoes and dresses that work for everyone, showers at convenient times, what everyone else wants not what we want, developing eczema from the stress; and I toy with simply running away to the beach forever...

I think about how I've been head over heels in love with the same Hunky boy for the past 7 years and how I am so excited for not only the day of our wedding but the hundreds and hundreds of "normal" days to follow.



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  2. LOL! It's like Thanksgiving - a month of prep for 15 minutes of eating!


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