Monday, January 23, 2012

Albee Print Giveaway Ending 1/29/12 and Reader Discount

Now through 1/29 you have the fantastic opportunity to win this great looking 8x10 print from Etsy shop Albee! **And receive a fabulous discount!!**

I stumbled upon Albee in my quest for fabulous artwork for our bedroom. I ordered 3 prints and was so impressed I contacted Alex, the shop owner, to see if I could shout praises from the rooftops by doing a giveaway. Lucky for you all, the answer was yes!

Seriously - Alex is talented! American Greetings, Gartner Greetings, Designer Greetings, MGA Entertainment and Disney Consumer Products are among customers. A style that is bold, bright, eye catching and simply lovely!

The happy little space in our bedroom!

Alex takes inspiration from the city of LA.
"... old signs, old lighting fixtures, building friezes, bus stop posters, packaging, buildings, Japanese calligraphy, a walk around my neighborhood. I love trips to art museums and galleries. I don't visit them for very long because the creative energy overwhelms me. Whew! I just can't pinpoint one place or thing for inspiration."

Johnathan Swift Quote
Demosthenes Quote
Orville Wright Quote - Sold Out

I always wonder how artists who produce such a wide variety of fabulous work keep track of said inspiration - you know for those days where a happy little lift or inspiration kick is needed. Or how do they keep from becoming overwhelmed on those days when the mind is running on full speed?
"I maintain a computer file of hand lettering designs. I collect printed ephemera (patterns, color combos, decorative accessories) for my reference book/sketchbook. Blogs and image searches are helpful and useful. I have to beware of the consequences of internet searches. Once I start checking blogs, websites, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, emails, all those essential none essentials my brain begins to runs too fast. I freeze mentally and physically. Getting away from the computer to exercise or read relaxes me. They're effective activities for reigniting the creative fire."

Now - here's how you can make that fabulous Marilyn quote your own.
  • To Win You Must Follow this blog!
    Example Post: I follow this blog under the name Stunning.
  • Visit & Favorite the Albee Etsy Shop!
    Example Post: I marked Albee as my favorite under the name Stunning Anna K. Designs.
Finally - a way to receive a discount on a new print & an entry!
  • Purchase a print from Albee and receive 25% off with code stunning25jan12!
    (BTW: This makes a print $4.50...)
    Example Post: I used the code and here is my order ID - #####
** This giveaway will begin 1.23.12 at 8 am Central and will end on 1.29.12 at 9 pm Central. Limit 3 entries per person. Winner will be announced on 1.29.12. **



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