Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Life As a Mrs. - The Whirlwind

Today is a the first post in a series that I am going to be running every Wednesday called, "Life As a Mrs." I was inspired to start this because well - there are some things they just don't tell you when you make that leap from starry eyed engaged girl to a full on Mrs. Those fun things you get to figure out on your own...

The first six months of marriage have been a whirlwind. We got married in August; honeymooned for 2 weeks; had a homeless period of 2 days where we couch surfed at our parent's places and packed the moving truck; then we moved to the big city. Now, Chicago is not the biggest city in the world - but when you're moving there from Mid-Michigan it has those days where it feels like a foreign country. Anyway - we got to spend a happy day as a married couple in our new home surrounded by boxes. The very next day Hunky started his new job.

So there we were - a 5 month old puppy, 6 million boxes and myself. At this point Hunky was still living in the city with us, but he was gone from super early in the morning til well after 7 at night. There are no photos from our early time here because it was a huge unorganized mess. It was very difficult as I felt that unpacking 1 box just made 5 more appear. Bottom line - it was simply depressing.

I knew that things would eventually slow down. But wow - sitting there surrounded by all those boxes was just a lot.

So - with the coaching of Hunky I took it one box at a time. Going through each box allowed me to reevaluate everything we brought from our single lives and everything we were given for the wedding. There was the return pile, the questionable pile and the donate pile.

It took about a month to reach the last box. What a happy day that was. At that point the donate pile completely took over our dining room and there were a few things in that questionable pile that may or may not have been snuck into the donate pile...

Here we are - almost 6 months later nearly settled into our new place. Knowing me I'll probably declare the home finished a week before we move out!


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