Friday, January 13, 2012

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part I

In an attempt to try and meet some new friends in Chicago back in November I joined Hunky's Uncle, cousin and family friend for a preview event for the movie Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 1. I probably should have put more thought into what I wanted to get out of this event because it was, in fact, a room full of screaming teenagers. I guess the words "preview event" got my hopes up... :) Overall it was an interested afternoon and I have to admit the teenage girl inside of me had a blast!

The event was held at the House of Blues - there were movie posters everywhere.

Hunky's Uncle, Cousin and Family Friend who I hung out with for most of the afternoon. These girls rocked the trivia challenge.

Christina Perri played two of her popular songs. That girl is incredibly talented - what a voice!

Hunky stopped by and joined us on his way back from work - He's such a Twi-Hard... ha ha ha... Just kidding - this poor guy didn't really even know what was going on.

A few of the cast showed up for a Q & A session. I've seriously never heard more interesting/random questions in my life - Pretty sure that kids were just raising their hands to say whatever popped into their heads...

Ashley Green was the only one I knew before the event - she has such great hair!

The event was pretty neat but I think after an afternoon of watching the previews over and over again between the musical act and the Q and A session I'll just wait for the movie to make it to TV... :D


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  1. How cool, that sounds like such a fun event! I went a few weeks after it came out and all the teenagers had seen it by then, a much more enjoyable experience - I would recommend it!


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