Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Fashion

Even though my book club is reading the book this month - I just couldn't help myself! Hunky and I caught a matinee viewing of the Hunger Games yesterday. The fashion in the Capitol was just to die for! Seriously - those colors and those wild eyelashes, make up and hair. Sign me up to stay there! Even though the character Effie Trinket made me super uneasy I loved her outrageous looks.

Okay - I'll admit it - I could have done with a little less murder and a little more perusing the Captiol and admiring the fashion...

I'm not one for violent movies but I must tell you I spanned every emotion possible during this film. No joke - I even had to get up at one point and get a snack --- hunger, sadness, joy, fear, anger, anticipation what a morning! It truly is a film worth viewing.

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  1. I wrote about this movie too- a bit different approach though!


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