Thursday, April 12, 2012

April Week 2 Accomplishments

In my mind I love to pick apart my week and list my accomplishments. No matter how big or small recalling all of the things I've checked off my lists during a week just feels good!

  • Discovery of Florence + The Machine Pandora Station... Amazing to cook, clean and craft along to!
  • Planning and carrying out Spring update for the store. Simultaneously run was the weekly markdowns, in prep for a Spring Sale. My co-worker Erin must think I'm crazy watching the way I run my floor sets, but it was a blessing to have her there to take care of the sale merchandise.
  • Listing 2 new skirts on Etsy! (1 less than my 3 per week goal, but I'll take it! Also, there is a skirt needing a zipper that may be completed before the week's end - not all hope is lost!)

  • Being commissioned by my fabulous friend Kristin to create a headpiece for her 2013 nuptials!
  • Woke up at 6 for two days in a row to take Miss Beans for her daily walk before I had to go into the store super early.
  • Maintained new hair cut for a whole week! Bangs - something I haven't had since I was a little girl - are not an easy thing.
  • I'm chugging through the first Hunger Games book. My deadline is the 17th for Book Club.

  • Stuck to my Monday part of a hopeful Monday and Friday cleaning schedule. Hopefully I'm hustling away currently accomplishing the Friday.... :D
  • Had my first actual 2 bag shopping trip! I walk about 8 blocks to the store and usually have to stop and rest every block due to an overzealous adventure in grocery shopping.
  • Creation of fabulous Beer Bread Tutorial that will be coming up on Monday!

  • Having dinner prepared in time for Hunky's arrival home on Thursday night - I'm now just mastering the art of timing a meal... Now if I could just master cooking for 2. Seriously, if you saw how much food I prepare you'd think we were hosting a football team!
  • I processed a bunch of new fabric as an ongoing project throughout the week. Super excited to dig into this on my next day off!
What did you accomplish this week?


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  1. Great list of accomplishments! Great post idea too.


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