Monday, November 5, 2012

Paper Source Fall Holiday

The Paper Source is absolutely fabulous. 

Seriously - although the website is fantastic - there is nothing like walking into one of their locations and experiencing all things crafty and wonderful. Each time I visit a new location I pretty much have a mini panic attack of excitement.  Though I could probably walk you thru everything they have in the store even before going in - I just get geeked by seeing how each location has the items arranged.

Everything is very reasonably priced.  The associates are fabulous and quite knowledgeable.  In my favorite location there is a whole room with 4 walls of card stock, envelopes, and labels arranged by color from floor to ceiling. *swoon*

Those who know me outside of this blog and those who've made it this in this post know that I am 100% obsessed.  Those who are married to me know I can never leave said store without a new goody or two... and they don't even have fabric.

Here are a few of my Fall Seasonal Paper Source favorites -  Enjoy.

... just is case you aren't convinced - The Paper Source offers classes in store for those of us who may need a bit of crafting assistance.


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