Thursday, November 20, 2008


Good Morning! It's almost time for me to jet off to class for the day. It's very cold out and I am making the journey all the way onto campus for Renaissance Art Class. I have a huge project due in that class in a couple of weeks, I still need to start. It's kind of overwhelming right now because I have so many things that need to be done before the end of the semester! I did get to craft a bit yesterday, I decided to reward myself for not flipping out about all the work I have to do... :D

Started my workout schedule yesterday for possible family vacation to sunny place yesterday... I do have a long ways to go... Was no one going to tell me that my butt had doubled in size? I must fix that! I am finding it hard to go to the gym in my apartment complex due to the fact that I lost my iPod (or maybe it was stolen) and I am now that kid that just runs and stares. I tried to read a magazine but I am not coordinated to pull of a great feat like that!

Anyways, a new listing to Etsy yesterday, I really do love this one! Hard for me not to keep it for myse
lf and if it does not sell soon I will!

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