Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Have you seen fishseddy.com?

I stumbled upon this lovely shop after seeing one of their items featured in an old issue of Country Living. I have come to the conclusion that Fishs Eddy is just plain cool.

The history of Fishs Eddy is quite interesting --- it's so much fun to find a business that is doing well, run by people who love what they are doing! I know you'll love browsing through the dinnerware, flatware, glassware, and all of the other lovely products... I spent a lot of time drooling...

Have fun looking at some of my favorites and then click the photos to go to the Fishs Eddy website!

How cool is this Traffic Pattern glassware?

The New York Skyline Dinnerware has such great character!

So many cool tea pots..!

I think that the floor plan line might be my favorite...

What is your favorite print or item at Fishs Eddy?

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Loving the newest card from MyLilPumpkins!


  1. very cool designs! too many to pick just one...but I really like the intervention-ware!! haha

  2. I love Fishs Eddy and just visited their shop in NY last week! I'll be blogging about them this week too! Love their floorplan dishes and the glove molds (I bought one for myself!) : )

  3. Fantastic find - that is a really amazing shop! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Loving that NY skyline dinnerware.

  5. Loving that NY skyline dinnerware.


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