Thursday, May 7, 2009

Finals, The Office, & New Listings

I took my first final yesterday for this semester and made it out alive! It was an essay exam. We were given 4 questions prior to the exam and they told us that only 3 of them would be on the exam. We would then have to write complete essays about 2. I chose 2 easier questions and one of the harder ones... To my surprise the 2 easiest were on the exam! I was done in 58 min... We were given 2 hours. It was a fantastic afternoon!

I then came home and worked on my drawing final for studio art class. We were to do an 8 hour drawing of 5 items that we found in the free section of Craig's List. For my drawing I selected the free section from the state of Alaska. I have an ugly lamp, 12 pine trees, a bike, picnic table, and various rocks. Here is my finished drawing:

I have thought about listing prints of some of my drawings on here. I am not sure how well that would go over. I sold a painting to someone in Canada once. Never a drawing though... hmm.

I also took photos of some new items I made for Etsy. I posted these two items today:

Set of 2 Blue Bobby Pins ^

^ Dickens on Butterflies Charm

ALSO! Exciting News! I won a tote in a posting contest by Rhody yesterday! I don't have the link to the bag anymore, but I will be sure to take photos and post them when it arrives!

When I was doing my drawing yesterday I had The Office on in the background. Might I suggest that everyone go to and watch the episode "Casual Friday." HILARIOUS!


  1. Love your charms, great work. Will visit often

  2. I love bobby pins! Well done with those essays!

  3. love the office! love those bobby pins. very pretty colors!

  4. that blue and green is one of my fave color combo!! nice!

  5. Is it the british or american office?!

    love the dickens charm x

  6. hiya!

    thanks so much for your comment on my blog, and about my twitter button - i couldnt find one i liked so i made the image myself in photoshop (mostly by googling versions of the twitter logo and downloading the images, then rearranging them the way i liked them best.)

    then i added it to my blog as an image and just linked it to my twitter homepage. :)


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