Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Finals Week!

^ Beautiful tote by jamapples

How is it that everyone else I know is done with their finals and mine haven't even started? Sometimes life stinks... it was so much fun to not be studying when everyone else was... Now, I am the ONLY one studying! Boo!

I have a final today at 12:45 on Latin America... My teachers great and encouraging words were something like... Everyone who did well on the mid-term should have failed, you all turned in crap to me. I got a 94% on the mid-term... what in the world am I going to do now?

Tomorrow brings a critique for a drawing and a History of fashion test. Today I will be working on my drawing ALL DAY!

My boyfriend and I decided it would be cool if we both went and got our haircut together last night... a productive date... Too bad they forgot to cut the hair around his right ear... I don't know how they missed it. But, needless to say I did make a great clean-up hairstylist... I was so nervous though, I had never cut hair before and I do think I'd like to keep it to this one time.

Here are some great new Etsy listings... one of my own and two that are my sister's. I am so impressed by her abilities. All photos are click-able and will take you to the item on Etsy:

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  1. My son just finished his final exam last friday. He is quite happy to be done year one!!
    Love those bags!!


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