Monday, May 11, 2009

New Listing & A Busy Weekend!

The giveaway continues until Wednesday! It is so exciting to read all the comments and I am giddy to pick a winner! You can still enter until 5 o'clock Wednesday, May 13th!

This weekend was super busy! I went to my cabin in northern Michigan, although it was rainy we kept busy almost the entire time! We went to an Amish store... our intention was to spend the whole day doing that since John, my boyfriend, had never been, but to our dismay, all but one store was closed! :( We then went to Jay's Sporting Goods and looked around at all of their inventory for what seemed like years.

We took my mom to lunch for Mother's Day. There was sooo much food! I have made two more meals out of my leftovers! She had a great day and was happy to have our whole family together up at the cabin.

I listed a new item today, my Emerson Beachy Charm:

I also thought you all might enjoy my favorite youtube video... It is good for a little chuckle:


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend. Cute pendant too!

  2. I love the swimsuit girls! very cute


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