Friday, July 9, 2010

Work. Work. Work. Work. Study.

Today's post is abnormally late and I apologize for that. All day I have been at a local coffee shop working on homework for my summer Art History Course. 50 modules must be completed with 75% accuracy in order to receive full points. The class began on Tuesday and I have completed 3 modules. This is going to be a LONG second part of the summer as each of these modules takes AT LEAST an hour.

Now that I know everything there is to know about Stonehenge... or maybe it's Now that I know everything I ever care to know about Stonehenge... I took some great photos of my lovely study day at the coffee shop that I want to share with you!

This was actually my second drink of the day... YUM-O Strawberry Banana! The first way an iced Tiger Spice Latte... also YUM-O! Isn't it pretty?

Grand River Coffee in all of its splendor - LOVE that water wall!

This was my lunch, a little too peppery for me (pepper potato chips and pepper gumbo,) but it was very pretty!

My view - Not too shabby! ^This Girl
probably thinks I am crazy... Doesn't everyone talk to themselves when they write essays? Or for that matter - Blog posts? ha ha ha!

Since I wrote an essay on who created Stonehenge and why I found some lovely Stonehenge items on Etsy...

Love the colors of the sky in this print from Brightnewthings.

"Face in the Henge" by Broadarrows

What an awesome charm! This image is during Summer Solstice - pendant by crystalboquet.

As for me this weekend brings along the attempted yearly gathering of Hunky Boyfriend's Family and My Family. It's just Hunky Boyfriend and his parent's this year as the three sisters are very busy doing other things. Being a camp counselor, running a religious young adult summer program, and studying for the Nursing Board Exam. It should be a beautiful and very fun weekend! Pictures will be shared on Tuesday...

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p.s. The video I watched said Stonehenge was created by Ancient Brits for the purpose of creating a versatile space for worship and celebration by using a system of boats, sleds, levers, lifts, and a whole bunch of man power.


  1. DOn't go knocking my heritage (He! He!)

    When I was a kid (Yep, a long time ago, back when Dinosaurs roamed :) Stonehenge was not roped off and we could actually sit on the stones.

    Love art history (but maybe not that intensely) Nice place to study though!

    Have a wonderful weekend,T. :)

  2. Never been to Stonehenge.. but I have to say... I would have loved to have spent my day at where you were. That drink looks fabulous! Yum.

    Happy Friday!

  3. I'm from the UK but live in the US now. Stonehenge reminds me of home. :0)

  4. Oh I am craving one of those drinks now... yummmm!
    Seeing the Stonehenge always reminds me of that funny scene in that movie Spinal Tap... classic!

  5. LOL T. ! I took art history and it was all anyone could do to stay awake as it was in a darkened room with a projector and no air conditioning.I like your cafe much better !

  6. I'm so honored that you included my Stonhenge print. Visiting the 'henge was an awe inspiring trip for me - the history just reaches out and touches you from those stones.

    Thank you again!


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