Thursday, June 4, 2009

Almost Friday!

Do you ever have those days that seem to go on for weeks? Where it just drags on and on and all you want to do is curl up in the corner and sleep... because you've had just about enough?

Welcome to my Thursday....

And nothing better to cap off the longest day of my life than receiving text messages from my boyfriend's, cousins, girlfriend, who is with him right now at the bar.... That's one thing that stinks about being 20. They won't even let you in after 10. Which is just off putting for the people who are actually 21 and want to stay at said bar. Although I'm always just the DD, you'd think they'd let me stay and be with the people that I am to drive home.... But that's not the case. They kindly (if you're lucky) request that you exit their establishment by 10. I've also decided that this has made me not want to try out the bar scene when I am able to... See where that gets them... HA!

As another druken text from all these people I hang out with comes to my phone I've decided that I for one, HATE TEXTING! Not only is it dangerous... thank you car texters.... but it's annoying!

Today is just turning into a ranting post... so instead of discussing how unfair the grading is in my art class I am just going to post some of my new listings and call it good.

Hope you all had a fantastic day!

^Hollywood Glamour Bobby Pins

^Oh So Pink Bobby Pins


  1. Those Hollywood Glamor Pins are so cute! Sorry about your Thursday.

  2. The pink bobbies are so pretty!

    I agree, texts are annoying!

  3. yay for Friday and the weekend!

    I don't really like texting either, although i think it's because I am super slow at it.

  4. I spent 4 hours working on ceramics...but TGIF! All my creative energy has been spent!

  5. I can understand, sometimes you just need to vent! You have been awarded the 'One Lovely Blog Award', please visit Congratulations - you deserve it! Hope this brightens your day!

  6. Pretty pins! Sorry to hear about you having to leave the pub after 10.. well.. I guess you have to be blessed being 20... cos after 30.. i don't think you will be counting your birthdays anymore.. keke :)


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