Saturday, June 13, 2009

Net Flicks!

I finally broke down and decided to get Net Flicks! What a great investment it's been! So far, I've gotten to see Mad Money and Wall Street for free, on my computer. In the mail I've gotten Bedtime Stories (really weird movie) and My Best Friend's Wedding... A super great movie! I just finished watching it this morning... If you haven't seen it, I truly do recommend that you do!

Last night we went to Applebee's to watch the Stanley Cup Final with friends, it was a good time! I got the double chocolate cake... YUM! I ate 3/4 of it and John and our friend Taylor finished it off... so good! Yummy lava center... So sad the Wings lost, but the cake was good!

Today I have my cousin's open house and John and I are going to help out at the local Humane Society... Thank goodness my apartment doesn't allow dogs... Otherwise, Bart would have a little brother or sister!

Speaking of Bart, my little fish friend is doing a little bit better everyday! Pictures will be posted soon of his progress!

Today I leave you with one of my most favorite clips from My Best Friend's Wedding, thank you YouTube!

Have a great Saturday!


  1. I love having Net flicks too.Its awesoem to come home from work and have a movie waitign for you at your house.It a awesoem investment.


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