Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm Back!

After quite a long break from the blogging world... due to the high demands of my summer courses... I'm Back!

A few new things to share, this new banner:

Inspired by a recent trip to Maine... What a beautiful place, I truly recommend it for anyone who loves the salty smell of the ocean, lobster, and watching seals swim through the harbors!

I have fallen in love with the PERFECT planner! Just enough room for those of us who need to write down EVERYTHING! Created by mod86designery, this planner is a steal @ $15.

Click the photo to go to this listing and to see all the other neat creations in her shop!

Off to a day filled with mounds of homework!

Happy Fall to you!

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  1. Great banner...I live in Maine, grew up here right on the coast (Belfast)It's gorgeous in the summer...don't recommend winter trips, though! (Unless you ski)

    Where did you visit? Let me guess!! Freeport, Rockland, or Bar Harbor? Or all of the above? :P


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