Saturday, October 3, 2009


This fall I have had very little time to update on my life, my thoughts, and the world in general.

During this time my sister in high school has fallen in and out of love twice.

I've had two interviews for Interior Design Internships. Was very disappointed by one and was "hired" at the other. I say "hired" because they want me to work as many hours a week as I can, but they aren't paying me. Wait, they are paying for my parking... so that's a plus, I guess.

I started a sewing class. I have made a garment bag and learned about different types of seams. I've also learned 3 ways to sew in a zipper. Mind you, this is all on the school's machines, I have yet to try to start the machine my mom bought me for $5 from the local high school. Maybe when I get overwhelmed this week I'll try her out.

My hamster who has been with me for almost 3 years now passed away last Thursday.

My cell phone is beyond dead and T-Mobile is being beyond difficult.

John has decided to officially go for his masters in accounting.

My roommate is on a kick to be married by next July.

I am taking classes with teachers from Transylvania, Korea, and the Deep South. When you are from the mid-west all of those accents are hard to understand!

Life is full of homework, books, and technical drawings.

Today I am loving this print from kerrybeary:

Check out her shop! Her prints are very bright and retro chic! And from her shop announcement it appears that free shipping is coming soon - what a deal!

Until next time, I hope your life is full of surprises!

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