Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Because I Missed Tuesday, Wednesday Etsy Highlights!

Today I am going to showcase something that I have always loved.... BEADS!

Here are some of my current favorite beads and bead shops on Etsy!

These great beads are from cbeads, they are $5 for 75 of them!
I think they are just so pretty, you could do some much with them!
These are Oh, Oh, Retro Beads from clayhappy, $12.50 for 6.
These beads have such great character, I could see them being used to make a beautiful bracelet!
What stunning strings of pearls! I love the deep red hue.
These are from pearlescent, 3 strands for $20

Above is my newest listing! It's a great fortune cookie charm, for $15. Part of my dorky childhood fortune cookie collection... Which I still maintain.

We are now into full swing of Spring Semester 2010... I've already decided to drop one of the courses I signed up for... On line it was described as a screen printing class. When I showed up the woman suggested we start collecting our hair so that we can weave it... I am well aware that that is a lost art form, but GROSS! It will be nice to have more time in the morning though, dropping from 19 to 16 credits.

Off out into the world on another 21* Michigan morning!


  1. Love your stuff - very pretty and unique.

  2. The red beads are beautiful. Just in time for Valentine's Day projects!

  3. I love the fortune charm, it's awesome!

  4. I love the beads! Your charm is great. I'm a bit jealous of the fortune collection!


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