Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Etsy Highlights!

This is something that I would like to do every Tuesday. I want to highlight a few items and ask that you all go and check out some great new shops!

Let's get some hearts and clicks for some great Etsy sellers!
Today I am putting together a great little party outfit...

A beautiful, one-of-a-kind dress from Priscilla Dawn- $75 ^
- Will make you feel glamorous and girly all at the same time!

These shoes from emmjessvintage are just fab! $29.95^
At size 6 - they will sparkle with every move you make!
Why not add a little more glamor to top it off? IDOidoitforyou can provide this great statement piece for you at $25.99^

I just wish I had a fancy dinner party to attend!! Please click on the photos and discover more lovely things from these shops that I've stumbled upon!

And now here's a plug for yesterday's post: I tried something new, an eyeglass chain and bobby pin combo, for $15.50... What do you think?

Happy Tuesday to you and I hope you have a fantastic day!! Thanks for stopping in!


  1. That dress is too cute!! Of course I'm way to old to wear something like that.
    Have an awesome tues!!

  2. Stunning Dress!!! (^_^).. and those shoes... i could never walk in them, but still, beautiful!

  3. Love the shoes & the cute dress. :) Awesome!

    Thanks for sharing and dropping by my blog :)

    God Bless

  4. Oh what a fun dress!! I would throw a party just so I could wear it! ;)

  5. I didn't do anything really for New Year's, but these great pieces make me want to create another occasion to wear something foofy!!!!

  6. That dress and those shoes are awesome! Great finds!


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