Friday, January 22, 2010

Super Friday!

So, I haven't really posted anything about my life lately... here's a little dose of Anna.

Yesterday I went to a job fair for business majors. And yes, I know what you are thinking, I am most certainly not a business major. Well friends, a funny thing happened at the job fair...

I walked out with 15 of my 25 resumes left...

2 potential interviews...

and 1 interview that happened today at 2:30!!!!!!

I am absolutely on cloud 9! It's been an interesting week due to the fact that 1... I had a professor faint during a lecture and we had to call 911. And 2, I've had an above average amount of people tell me how bad that economy is for people in the design fields. Also, adding that they know several people, usually a recent grad, who has no job.

There is nothing more depressing than that. Ok, well so maybe there is, but for someone who has spent years in school learning interior design and apparel design... yeah, it's depressing. Getting these leads and better yet, the interview has put me in such a positive mood about my future!

Today's interview was with Meijer. For those of you not from Michigan, Meijer is a grocery/everything else store, with emphasis on the grocery. There were 3 positions I qualified for, all of which I am super excited about!

Possibility 1 - Product testing, clothing dept. Testing to see if Meijer is, in fact, selling quality merch.

Possibility 2 - Creative assistant, clothing dept. Help develop designs for the Meijer line.

Possibility 3 - Interior Design Inter. Aiding with the planning of new and old Meijer facilities.

I think my interview went well. I will hear mid Feb. whether I move to the next round of interviews or not. Either way, I am super excited to have had the chance to interview for such neat positions!

I will keep you posted on what becomes of my other two leads! You'll have to wait in suspense before I release the names of those companies!!

Happy Friday All!

I want to leave you with this beautiful dress I stumbled upon today... I am going to go and take my measurements now... just to reconfirm that this would be WAY TOO SMALL on me... ha! If it would fit you, you should buy it. Because, it's gorgeous! NostalgicCollections, you have such a great eye! Click on the photo for more views!


  1. That's great! I'm a business major as well...right now focusing on classes, but I should start looking for internships too as well! Your blog is great, we have a lot in common! I'm a college student balancing classes and my Etsy shop as well...check out my blog :] I'll be back here often!

  2. Congratulatiosn on the interview! I hope you land the job and love it!

    The dress is gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


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