Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Black and White Dresses!

I am a sucker for anything black and white. Maybe it was from being in the sorority that has mandatory dress up days where we had to wear head to tow black. Or maybe it's just because I love how crisp and classy this color combination can be...

Anyway - here are some of my favorites this season- All photos, if clicked will take you to the source:

This little number is from White House, Black Market. Super Cute!

I am just loving the exposed zipper on this one - I know it's black and silver - but I am always a sucker for silver. This dress can be found at Nordstrom.

I just think this one from American Apparel is sweet, yet sassy at the same time!

Well that's going to have to be all for now - I have to jet to Fashion Sketching! Have a great day! I am leaving you with my newest listing:


  1. I love these dresses! I'm a huge fan of black and white and I'm in need of some new items in my wardrobe.

  2. I'm a big black and white fan, too. In fact, I want to do a black and white damask quilt for my bedroom!

  3. You would love a store we have in NY called "Black White"...all of the items are combinations of black and white---gorgeous finds!

  4. Great blog! I will definitely follow you! yay Etsy forums :)


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