Wednesday, June 30, 2010


In honor of this being the week leading up to Independence Day I have scoured Etsy for the best it has to offer in terms of stars.

Before we get to that let's remind ourselves of what these 50 stars stand for:

"The white stars on the American flag symbolize the individual states. There is one star for each state in the union. There are currently 50, for the fifty states in the union. Whenever a new state joins, a new star is added to the flag on the following 4th of July. The last time that happened was on July 4, 1960; Hawaii having become a state in the latter part of 1959..."
Thank you WikiAnswers!

babblingbrookes created these lovely little earrings!

Isn't this dog collar from GertyDesigns just a great accessory for your patriotic pooch?

This star bracelet from nyjolejewelllery has the "Wow" factor!

These beads from JeweledFibers are just plain neat.

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  1. My eyes are always drawn to the red, white, and blue stuff!

  2. Ooh! What a gorgeous collection of items! Thanks for sharing them!

  3. The star bracelet is beautiful :)T.

  4. It's not stars, but I love the blue in this necklace I made:

  5. I almost used those same star earrings for my post today. I ended up with different ones from the same shop, though! I love that button earrings are "back".


  6. Pepin, great suggestion!

    Hundy - Great minds truly do think alike!

  7. Subtle and patriotic. I love it!


  8. I love stars - they remind me of my oldest son. The bracelet with the rhinestones is my fav !


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