Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter to All!

Happy Easter to everyone out there!

I am the type of person who believes that no matter which holidays you choose to celebrate - you should always wish or extend some form of Happy (fill in the blank) to everyone you wish. I guess if I people were going around wishing each other a Bad/Sad/Depressing (fill in the blank,) I would think differently.

So today, without shame, I stand in front of you and wish you all a very Happy Easter!

I love Easter because it means spending some quality time with my family and celebrating Life, specifically that of Jesus! The photo above is of my dad - one of the most fantastic men in the whole wide world - who stopped the car on the way home today to help a turtle cross the street. A reminder that life is precious no matter how small.

I got to catch up with my parents this weekend which was fantastic - we relaxed in our cottage on a small lake in Northern Michigan. My sister was unable to join us because she is in Hawaii on her senior trip - lucky bum!

This weekend we discussed many things - crafting, (of course), the possibility of grad school, jobs, life, relationships, my boyfriend being at the Final Four cheering on the MSU Spartans, (who were sadly defeated,) and anything else that popped into our heads. Which reminded me of how awesome it is to have such an open line of communication with my parents. Those of you who have young children take note - nothing good will ever come out of having children who fear talking to you. So, start young, talk much, and do it often. Children deserve to be treated as equals, we know you are superior to us, so in casual conversation there is no need to reinforce dominance. Often times this is forgotten and many people my age are talked at and not to, by their parents.

I was able to do a whole lot of crafting while enjoying the marvelous company of my parents. Here's a little sneak preview of a few things I put together. I cannot decide whether to make them all headbands or do a few brooches. . .

My neighbor at the cottage came over to see my headbands in person. She gave me all sorts of new ideas for new products to try. All ideas that I'll consider as soon as these headbands take off! Any advice? I'm getting plenty of views, my prices are competitive, is it because I don't show them in use? (I just get eeked out when people have their products in another person's hair - even just for the photo shoot.)

I think that during my week break between spring and summer courses I am going to go to a few gift stores around the area to see if they would be interested in carrying my headbands... I need to work up some bravery and work on packaging before that can happen.

Also, a friend of mine from high school became Catholic last night. I am so excited for him and wish him nothing but success in his new faith life! It's really neat to know that someone else my age is excited about the faith!

Happy Easter once more and I wish you a minimal stress Monday!


  1. that happened to me once too, i was in the car with friends and a turtle was crossing the street, i made her turn around and i carried the turtle back into the preserve. it felt nice to help..

  2. So true on wishing everyone Happy something...

    how sad if someone said "Have a bad Easter...because I dont celebrate" :)


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