Sunday, March 28, 2010

A Very Etsy Spring Bedroom!

As I was working on homework for a much larger portion of the weekend than I would have preferred, I was daydreaming about decorating a bedroom. As I aimlessly browsed Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel I suddenly remembered Etsy. Why not try and find all the pieces of a lovely bedroom on Etsy - the challenge stood before me and I dove right in! I hope you enjoy what I put together... p.s. Click on the photos to enjoy the items to their full effect!


1 - The Dingle Bed from deliafurniture
Such a beautiful and versatile statement piece
Yours for only $800
2- Duvet Cover from DesignYourHome
An exotic and colorful pattern to brighten your space.
Comes with duvet cover, pillow case, and throw pillow.
Yours for only $143


3 - Yellow Dot Bolster from theBolsterQueen
A few of these cuties add a pop of texture.
Yours for only $14.99
4- Dahlia Pillow Cover from Kainkain
A twist on the floral motif with a punch of color...
Yours for only $21
5- Contemporary Turquoise from TheHomeCentric
Loving the color and texture of this one.
Yours for only $21.40

6- Designer Pillow Covers from thislittlehome
Such great patterns and colors will keep the space interesting!
Yours for only $25

It was so much fun to look for these items! Please click around because these Etsy sellers create other beautiful items!

Stay tuned for the next installment of this post, which includes other bedroom furniture and accessories...

May your week start out on the right foot!


  1. I want that bed. I know how to weld, if Mr. Buzzkill the husband would let me have the equipment at our house(he thinks I am going to burn the house down) It's so cool, maybe I'll show him that picture and it will change his mind.

  2. That bed is to die for. All I have is the factory bed frame on wheels. It's awful, and now I'm envying that thing like crazy!!!


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