Thursday, April 8, 2010

Oprah's Grand Idea

This morning as I was on my way back home from Fashion Sketching class I was nearly broad sided by a man who was crossing 4 lanes of traffic without looking. As I was laying on my horn and yelling at him, (because he could probably hear me,) I was questioning whether he was drunk, oblivious, or stupid.

Turns out - as I pulled up next to him, I looked over and noticed he was having an extremely involved conversation on his cell phone. If I was the type of person who flicked people off I would have taken this oppritunity to do just that - although he probably wouldn't have notice - AND - I am not that type of person, so I just glared at him and drove on. As we rounded the corner he proceeded to unknowingly cut off several more people, using no turn signal and merging freely.

What does our silly man driver have to do with Oprah. Well, let me introduce you to Oprah's No Phone Zone. Visit this portion of her web page to learn more. Take a moment to sign the pledge if you feel inclined to do so.

Personally, I believe that making the car a no phone zone for the driver is a fantastic idea. I always get mad when John tries to text while driving, there's no way you can give you attention fully to both activities. With my little experience today, I realize that driving and talking on the phone can be equally as dangerous/scary. Unless it's life or death, chances are the person you're trying to reach can wait...

Here are some great Etsy accessories that will make you want to keep your phone in it's case, especially when you're driving!

This adorable cell phone holder is from sewinmachine, i kind of want to give the hippo a hug!

This little pouch can be attached to your bag - you won't waste a good portion of your time sifting through your purse to find said cell phone! This is made by: misseskwittiys

For those of you who need some serious bling - we can find that on Etsy too! This is from hotblings

I think that it's perfect that this one is called a cell phone cozy- I saw it and thought how cozy it looked - like a sweater for your phone! Brought to us by onaroll

Hopefully you've found something for the cell phone junkie in your life! I really wish I could get John to agree to one of those hippos ... :D


  1. I'm with you and Oprah on this one. Those cell phone cozies are way cute.

  2. I couldn't agree with you more...cell phones and driving do not mix!! Please people, driving is a dangerous undertaking and should have your undivided attention.

    Anna, Thank You so much for including my little monkey cell pouch among all your cute finds...what a nice surprise!!

    Smiles, Karen

  3. they just passed the law here in Vancouver against talking on cell phones and driving. hopefully more cities will follow suit! ;)

  4. I agree with you and beautiful cases

  5. stunning- love your blog! I really enjoyed reading thru it. Love your post about no cell phone zone. I can't stand when I see people on their phones in the car....aaargh! It makes me mad!

  6. Hippos are becoming a fast favorite of mine...and it's not just because I'm on the fluffy side myself! ;)

  7. Love your new layout! And I am especially loving all the action words that sum up your life that you added in your header! Cute idea :)

  8. Guess what. I am following you too!!!. we are now Blogging buddies. yaya.. I agree with the no phone zone for cars.Even if I am a driver in training. I can totally tell when someone is toying with their phone while driving.

  9. Here in Oregon we have a "hands free" cell phone law which is great but as it is still new there are lots of people out there chatting away on their phones in cars; Oprah has the right idea for all the States that are slow to enact this law :)T.

    P.S. nice way to encourage putting your phone down, cozies are cute :)

  10. Where I'm from (Saskatchewan) they have banned cell phones in cars unless a hands-free setup is used. I think that this is only solving half the problem, but at least they're halfway there.

  11. I live in Oregon, too and we're "hands-free"... I think it would be a good idea to make this a law everywhere.

    Better yet, it would be great if people simply used common sense.

    LOVE your blog and love your picks for cell phone pouches!!! They're all too cute, but my favorite is the knitted "sweater" :)


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