Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bathing Suit Season

Hello All!

Let's talk about bathing suit season - shall we?

I think this is a very difficult time of year for a lot of people. When you think about it - walking around almost naked in front of a bunch of people is a pretty scary thing!

I believe that it is best for a person to dress in a bathing suit that flatters their body type.
1. Keeps the person wearing the swim suit comfortable and able to move without showing off their goods.

2. Keeps everyone around them comfortable - because, come on, let's face it, an unflattering swim suit is like a train wreck - you don't want to look, but you just can't help it.

3. Keeps children from saying the things that we are all thinking as we stare at the person in the ill fitted suit.

Although at times it is hard to know whether or not last years suit, or this year's dream suit, will be appropriate, I find the best way to gauge this is to ask your mother. If you don't have a mother or a mother figure who will be blatantly honest with you, go to a friend. You don't want to risk the dreaded under-boob exposure, or the perma-wedgie, or much worse, the suit that has lost elasticity and can be seen directly through.

*** If you have anymore bathing suit wisdom- please share it in your comment - I would love to continue on this topic. I feel it is something that is much overlooked and with summer being just around the corner...

That being said I have scoured Etsy and some other parts of the internet to find some super cute swim suits! - As usual clicking all photos will take you to their source -

Starting with the one pieces....

This custom suit from poppyswickedgarden has a wonderful vintage feel to it. Sort of Old Hollywood meets hot prison inmate meets romper and I love it!

I just love paisley! This is such a pretty fabric and a great design for quite a flattering suit from Harajuku

I am a sucker for anything nautical themed... and this suit is super cute from FablesbyBarrie

Now for the tankini... which apparently isn't a word, as I can't get rid of the red underline... :D

A very simple, yet lovely suit from Belafigura

This suit comes in a variation - high waist or long top - from NapiDesigns

And now onto the 2 pieces...

The details on this tuxedo bikini are too cool! From stephankalicious

I am loving the ruffles and sparkle of this suit from PistolitaLaMuerta

I love this twist on the itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini! By bettieB

I know that now you are either
A - Very excited for summer and swim suit shopping
B - Cursing my name for reminding you that the season is right around the corner... (Sorry!)

John and I are being wild college students tonight and studying at a local coffee shop - this has been my break from my sketching and Dr.'s office project homework.

Speaking of sketching - we started to do hands and feet - I am terrible at hands - unless I am drawing grinch people. I tend to give the fingers long wispy points... so, Dr. Seuss or whomever is in charge of his publishing - please give me a call if you are looking for an illustrator specializing in grinch-ness :)

Happy Saturday evening to you all!


  1. Ohh, I can't wait for summer! I'm in love with that nautical bathing suit! Great finds! :)

  2. Awesome ! Love it. Thanks !!
    Bettie b

  3. great suits, gets me in the mood for summer

  4. I need a new suit pretty badly... but it's gonna take me for-everrr to find the right one!

  5. thank you for including my new suit In this wonderful blog:) My suit is now available in Navy/white stripe and Zebra stripe too:)

  6. That made me laugh. Every spring for the last three eyars I've begun searching for the perfect swimsuit. I never find it. Someone gave me one from the 70's that I've been wearing for ten years and it is falling apart. Maybe this will be the year-never give up hope.

  7. Thanks for your comment in my blog post. It's helpful to get some good feedback like that.
    I got a really cute two piece last year for 5 Euros in Corfu. A bargain.

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! I couldn't agree more! Such great bathing suit finds! Found you in the etsy forums! great blog, I found myself lauging out loud reading some of your posts!

  9. Great swim wear! What suits my body type?..... ya know those 1920's things that went to the ankles?...

    LOL - Enjoy the beach!


  10. Fun post - although I'm one of the B people cursing you for the reminder. the fact that I've spent so much time in Ireland recenty with now sun means I've turned translucent so some type of tan is in order or I'll be glowing on the beach!

  11. Just had to say everyone ( faimly n friends) loves yer blog!
    bettie b dangerous swiwmear

  12. great bathing suit finds. hmmm. bathing suit wisdom to share.... oh yes, men should stay away from speedos and thongs. :)

  13. I love the high-waisted Belafigura suit♥♥

    Can't wait for swimsuit season!! I got a great one in Hawaii last year- hope it still fits.

  14. Oh my god, that Nautical suit is so awesome that I wanna slim down just to wear it!!!

  15. Just stumbled upon you. I have a feeling you won't understand my point of view on bathing suits, but I guarantee, one day, you will be 44. My bathing suit consists of capri pants and a t-shirt. I only wear sleeveless if I'm on the lawn mower and not expecting the UPS man!

    I bet whichever suit you choose will look great on you.


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