Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rain... Rain...

Inspire us - Then go away!!!

It has been rainy for the last two days! So, what better to search Etsy for than the best of rain drops? Enjoy these soggy finds - please click and visit shops and items!

A pocket mirror in your purse is always a handy thing to have! This one from LaninjaPrints is super cute with just enough sparkle!

mydarlingdinosuar created this lovely little collage- the colors are just great!

This mobile from skysetter is so cool! I would just love to see how it looks when the sun hits the droplets!

This print from lisastubbs is just adorable. I can image this in a mudroom or in a cubicle/office for motivation!

I am crazy about the colors in this necklace! It reminds me of dew on grass and leaves and it's from decoratethediva.

I think wall decals are great - you can change the look of your wall without hurting it! This set of rain drop decals is from blankcanvasdesigns.

I just got back from a trip to Wisconsin - helping my friend who will be moving there in a month explore her new town/job/condo. I am so excited for her but, I will miss her dearly!

Hope you are all having a great week and that your week has been full of sunshine!


  1. Very nice selection -- I love the mobile.

  2. love the mobile! and, yes, i'm sick of the rain too

  3. Everything looks delightful here... thank you for featuring my necklace. Maybe I should change the name of it to "Morning Dew". I like how you think!!! ~Renee

  4. Thank you Anna for including my print right as rain, I'm in good company, what beautiful rainy day things! Big Thanks again Lisa:)

  5. those are fun! love your picks

  6. It's such a great idea to collect the rain! Lovely!

  7. Rainy days are so cosy though! Thanks for including our decals!

  8. Ha, that's awesome! Great selection. I love those wall decals, too.

  9. Love the raindrop decals. although it rains so much here that I don't know if I want to have it on my walls as well as outside my window

  10. I do love the walldecals from blankcanvasdesigns :)


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