Tuesday, June 15, 2010

6 am Exercise Class & the Police.

To get to the part of this story that involves the title I guess I'll have to take you back to Friday - just because I think my exhaustion will be justified if I write a summary of everything that happened this weekend...

Friday I worked all day at my retail job - then as soon as my shift was over I drove home to attend a bridal shower. This was my first shower for a high school classmate! Very exciting and at the same time it makes me feel old... (okay - I'm only 21 but when someone you went to school with your whole life is getting married it makes you feel old.) The shower was a lot of fun and I am so excited for Katie and Brian to get married in August!

Then comes Saturday - this was a pretty awesome day - my grandfather who passed away several years ago had a county park named after him! It's a beautiful area and if you ever pass through Mid-Michigan you should make a pit stop at Motz Park. It was pretty cool to see all of the people who supported the project and made it a reality!

^ The brand new pavilion at Motz Park - showing all the people who cam out for the opening!

That evening I went to work at the retail job again - this time I helped out a woman who had a beard - this was very strange because as hard as I tried whenever I would look at her I would stare at her beard. After I stayed 2+ hours after closing to finish the sale with the bearded lady I went out with a couple of friends. My friend Christie has been through the ringer with her boyfriend lately and we went out to celebrate the fact that boys, although they can be wonderful (love you John!), sometimes suck... At the bar I made the mistake of waving back to a person who was waving at us --- He ended up being a prosthesis salesman who was looking to meet someone (eeek!). The other girls attracted very cute engineers, lawyers, and even a fellow who looked like Bob Marley. I accidentally waved down a man who pedals spare body parts for a living and was unable to take a hint ("I have a boyfriend - I just waved at you because you looked pretty stupid & now that you're over here I wish I had not moved my arms at all..."). After we somehow got rid of our friend the prostheses salesman John was kind enough to pick us up and let us listen to the Mixed CD that some guy gave my friend Maggie...

Sunday - Mom, Taylor, and I helped friend Jen pack for moving to Wisconsin for her dream job. She has cat - I am tragically allergic to cats. It was so much fun to help Jen clean out her closet - I am very excited to help her update her wardrobe into one of a professional woman! Left Jen's to go to work and have a series of allergy attacks - itching, sneezing, headache... in that order. Struggle to finish homework for ridiculous online class. Go to bed.

Monday - middle of the night - wake up at 3 am to what I think is someone hammering something.

5:30 am - eating breakfast and preparing for exercise class - go to rinse out cereal dish and 2 police cars pull up in the middle of the parking lot and 3 police officers jump out and run into the building across the street. Through the window I watch 1 go up the back stairs and 1 go up the front. There is a man in the landing area on the 3rd floor - he doesn't see front police officer - but sees the one in the back. Said strange man then throws himself down the front stairs and onto police officer that he didn't see. They then cart him off and I go to exercise class.

My assumption - this random guy was knocking on the door of one of the 3rd floor apartments in the middle of the night (this explains the hammering,) this just further deepens my desire to move far away from any form of mass college housing. 1 month until my move - and not a moment too soon!

This weekend was very fun and bizarre at the very same time...

I have picked out some cute police themed items to go along with this mornings events (I was going to make the theme beards or prosthetics - but this just seemed more appropriate...)

Love this little police mouse! His name is Bobby and he's from TheHouseOfMouse

beanforest created this cute Grammar Police button - I feel like I might as well have this one tattooed to my forehead... from beanforest

For those of you who are married to an Officer - this is such a sweet necklace from byHannahDesgin

This fun handcuff charm is from lemonroom

So friends - what did you do this weekend? Are you exhausted too?

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  1. Oh my word, I need the grammar police button! I just popped over to say thank you for your sweet comment on my guest post at Ucreate, and I would love to see it if you make a similar pillow! And now I'm going to see what other great things you have on here. :)

  2. That's kind of a crazy pile of stories ♥

    I find it so funny that anything could possibly make you feel old at the ripe old age of 21. I've been feeling old since I turned 25 and at 28 - everything makes me feel old. Luckily I do copious amounts of yoga which really makes you a lot younger than anyone else your age.

  3. Those police items are great! I'll have to check out your giveaway!

  4. Sounds like you had a really fun weekend :)

    We had police officers from the K9 unit in our garden a few months ago at 1am (just on my way to bed) the crazy dog across the street was freaking out, and we live in a very upper middle class neighborhood, it just goes to show it can happen anywhere, apparently they were looking for a breaking and entering suspect :) T.


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