Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Search for the Perfect Summer Sandal...

Summer footwear and I have a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of sandals, but actually finding a pair that:

1) I like.
2) Doesn't cost a million dollars.
3) Won't take me 5 hours to put on.
4) Is versatile to wear with a variety of outfits.
4) Won't trip me - thus making me look ridiculous.
... is a very difficult thing.

Last years sandals were amazing, I completely wore them out, and I should have purchased 5 pair of them - but - when I went back to do so they were sold out everywhere! So my friends, the search has been put off long enough... Let It Begin!

If all of my shoes were silver I would be a very happy camper - I just love the touch of sparkle it adds to any outfit! These are lovely from American Eagle for $29.50
(Although the fact that there in nothing holding my heel down in the back other than that little strap makes me nervous...)

For under $15 and with four colors to choose from, you can't go wrong with these Forever21 sandals...
(This is more like it - the back is closed in!)

So maybe this isn't technically a sandal - but it's still pretty awesome and looks very comfortable from Nordstrom's for around $80
(It's the perfect combo of the flat and the sandal... may I introduce you to the flandal?)

I think it's the huge gems that attract me to these shoes from White House Black Market... They are $68 and a little bit of a risky pick if you have trouble keeping white clean.
(I love these but the white is frightening for me...)

I just love these $29.95 Madden Girl sandals - Thank you DSW!
(Very close to last year's version and that's why I'm ordering a pair as we speak!)

What are you favorite sandals?

Do you have summer sandal criteria?

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  1. The yellow sandals are oh so lovely!

  2. Those are some cute sandals! I'm a big fan of super cheap flip flops from Old Navy myself :)

  3. The yellow sandals are a bit bright for me, but the others are nice.

  4. I live in Florida, so we wear sandals pretty much year round. I have black Reef flip flops that I pull out on a daily basis, but I have 2 other pairs that I love too. One pair is Chinese Laundry turquoise snakeskin thongs and the others are brown suede fringed Maddens. Those are my perfect sandals!

  5. All these sandals are so cute. My big criteria is now comfort...since walking around the hard city pavement all day attacks your feet! But, who can turn down such pretty sandals?

  6. Loving the pair from Nordstrom. Look very comfortable and stylish.
    Also the yellow sandals are so pretty. But I can't resist anything yellow...

  7. I like the yellow ones.

  8. I had a really stressful sandal hunt this summer too because the ones I love from Target are falling apart and they don't have them anymore. :(

    But I ended up going with these from Old Navy:

    And they're actually super great and comfy! Yay sandals!


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