Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Because Debbie Thought it was Father's Day.

This post is in honor of my coworker Debbie and of course fathers everywhere... But since it's not actually Father's Day this one is more for Debbie --- because she was convinced that today was Father's Day...

Yesterday she and her daughter went to the mall and picked out gifts. Where they informed everyone in their path that the next day was, in fact, Father's Day. They then went to the grocery store and bought food to make dad's favorite dinner for him.

As she was rushing around this morning to make a suitable Father's Day breakfast her husband walked into the kitchen. She wished him a "Happy Father's Day..." He then informed her that it's not until the 20th and that Father's Day always falls on a Sunday...

So, in honor of the celebration of early Father's Day I found some great ideas for Dad!

Most dads love camping, I know mine does, so that makes this card from MichelleBrusegaard perfect!

Maybe your dad is more of a fisherman? Well then this card from samanthascards will do the trick!

These Dad's Root Beer bottles turned into glasses would be great for any home bar or man cave, from bottlehood.

These mugs from Kimay would be great for any dad, whether he has a fluffy stash or not!

Petey (my dad) is a landscaper by profession and an avid gardener. We have a great little herb garden on the side of our house, so these markers from magpirdesignz would be a great gift!

My dad is a HUGE Studebaker fan, so this print from NebraskaSky is just perfect for him. I'm sure your dad has a favorite car that he would love a print of too!

This fire bowl from johntunger is just awesome and eco-friendly and great if your dad is a pyro... or into backyard beautifuication...

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  1. Long live the mustashio!! Awesome Father's Day finds Anna.

    We can't believe that nobody told Debbie she was a few days off.

  2. My dad doesnt mind gifts but this year i am doing the "what do you want me to do for you today?" thing. oh he will put me to work! my mom sure did!


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