Friday, June 25, 2010

Billy Joel - The High School Graduate

In my effort to bring you interesting tidbits about a little bit of everything I stumbled upon this gem.

On June 25th, 1992 Billy Joel got his high school diploma. 25 years prior he overslept and missed finals in both English and Gym which made him ineligible to graduate. AKA - Bummer!

Here's to you Mr. Joel and your fabulous accomplishment!

I thought The Longest Time was an appropriate video to share today...

This music video is a blast..! How cheesy - I love it!

This notebook is a great way to recycle old record sleeves! From stellajames
This is such a cool print from suzannaanna using one of Joel's lyrics.

Record bowls are a great way to upcycle unused record and they make a great conversation piece - from auntiesideas

Have a great weekend my friends! See you Monday!

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  1. love the trivia!
    The notebook from an album cover is a clever idea and I always like the bowls made from albums!
    have a great weekend! : )

  2. Well he turned out alright! Love the new blog design, tres chic!

  3. Well - he has great music even if he just finished high school a few years ago :)
    Here from Over 40 FF! New follower :)

  4. Love Billy Joel! Seen him many times in concert over the years, yep, I'm old :)

    It is great that he would actually do that after such a long time and a successful career. :)

    BTW, love your new banner!

    Have a wonderful weekend, T. :)

  5. Awesone record bowl! I saw a tutorial on it and have been meaning to try it!

  6. I just found you from Never Growing Old's Over 40 Blog Hop. I'm enjoying visiting your blog.

  7. billy joel is one of my favorite guilty pleasures!

  8. Cooooool theme for a blog post!!!

  9. Super cool post! It is amazing how you find inspiration at the most unusual places... :) Enjoyed reading this. Really great!

  10. LOVE billy Joel! super cool new design and theme - loving it!


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