Monday, June 7, 2010

Busy Busy Weekend!

Hello all!

I'm sorry to have been away for a while! There seems to have been some problems here on Blogger, plus, it was an insanely busy weekend around here!

My sister graduated from high school on Sunday! We are all very proud of her, she even graduated with honors!

My mom, Taylor, and me with her graduation cake!

Saturday we had the open house. It was a brunch and we had delicious quiche, fruit, salad, and desserts! It was great to see all sorts of family and friends who I haven't seen in a while.

The backyard was just lovely - my dad did a great job preparing it for the celebration. We've always had this cute fountain in our yard and for the occasion we had some great little goldfish in it... Who are now living in a tank on my kitchen counter.

It was a very full weekend - but - incredibly fun at the same time!

I found some goldfish themed items on Etsy that remind me of my new little pets:

CuteAbility created these awesome little earrings.

This beautiful little goldfish apron is from aproncreations

I just love this block printed tote by ohlittlerabbit

Please stay tuned for my very first giveaway which will be taking place later this week!

Also there is a sale in my shop until Wednesday - Buy 1 Item Get 1 of = or Lesser Value Free! Please mention which item you would like for free in the notes to seller!


  1. OMG !!! I have a thing for goldfish...maybe I get it from my boys - love this collection !

  2. Congrats to your Sis :)

    Love the fountain :)

    The goldfish apron, too cute :) T.


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