Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The One, The Only, The Paperclip?

Let's take a look at something most of us come in contact with every single day. Something that we all probably disregard, but as I discovered provides great inspiration for some Etsians.

The One. The Only. The Paperclip.

What a rocker looking paperclip inspired necklace, add a little edge to your regular look. From beadswiresandbaubles

These clips add great interest to this cute little greeting card and can be used again and again from MyLilPumpkins

You will most definitely be able to tell who stole your paperclips... To be used as bookmarks, bill organizers, or even just for decoration! From Glasshousedesigns10

Paperclip inspired earrings, don't worry they are made of sterling silver! By erinjanedesigns

A beautiful and handy paperclip holder! By WoodAndGlass

Have you been inspired?

What would you make with paperclips?

p.s. I don't know if you've noticed the new button to the right - the featured sale. This is very exciting, I get a lot of fantastic e-mails about sales on-line and here is where I'll be sharing my favorites with you!


  1. How great is that! Who knew something so small and ordinary could be so versatile?!? Great finds!

  2. Oh that is so fun! I love the ones with the little hearts and flowers on them. I haven't really thought about ideas for the paper-clip but I do use it sometimes to hold my paper still in letterpress printing - not as clever but very useful!

  3. That's so funny, I was just thinking about paper clip jewelry yesterday. I've seen a lot of it lately. There must have been a mass memo sent out the all the creatives in the world? The earrings above are very clever!

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  5. Not too sure what paper clips are for other than paw-venting dog earring of paper maybe. Plus, you know those staplers can really bite when you misstep them with your paws. I has bone shaped ones, but don't use them very often. I keep them in my collection of odd things. Sasha, the wiener dog.

  6. Following from WW - hope to see you at Dropped Stithces!

    xo Erin


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