Friday, June 18, 2010

Stunning Find!

I went to the local grocery store a few days ago to pick up a few things for Thursday's Banana Bread How-To and I stumbled upon something wonderful!

Can you guess what they are?

The girl who packed my groceries wrapped them in very pretty tissue paper and packed them with the eggs... And the stands road with the baking soda in the other bag.

I got both of these for $20 - When I looked at the original prices they would have been around $50!
Here they are unwrapped! They sat around while I made banana bread so that I could decided where they are going to go...

For now I put some candles in them and have them by my TV... Yes, I do realize that I have the world's smallest TV - but for the amount that I use it it's perfect!

Just goes to show you - you never know what you'll stumble upon at the back of the local family owned grocery store! I am very excited to go back in a couple of weeks!

Have a great day!

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  1. Those are awesome! Great candle holders. I love candles....
    Very cool blog! Stop by if you get a chance!

  2. Oh I love finds that come out of nowhere !!! They are lovely : )

  3. Those are great. I love "finding" finds-it's one of the favorite parts of my job.

  4. What a wonderful find! There's nothing like bringing home a surprise treasure like that, something that makes you smile whenever you look at it. :)

  5. great find - have a great weekend : )


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