Thursday, July 22, 2010

Funny Kind of Morning

Do you ever have those mornings where something out of the ordinary happens that just makes you giggle for the rest of the day?

Well, Hunky Boyfriend called me this morning as I was heading off to work. This week he has been battling an in-grown eyelash. This morning said in-grown eyelash has decided to cause swelling and create a swollen eyelid. HB is now convinced he has a lazy eye...

I certainly felt bad when he said that, but all I could do was laugh...

We celebrated HB's older sister Rachel's Birthday last night. It was a lovely gathering with delicious food and wonderful conversation. Rachel is planning a backpacking trip with HB's little sister Laura. Wish I had the pictures to share of her trying out all of her new camping/hiking gear!

Today I have found some great eye themed items on Etsy.

If worse comes to worse HB could always start sporting awesome eye patches like this one from steambaby.

These eyeball hair pins are eerie-cute from beandoll

Can you believe that these are cat toys? From hannapt

Suzannaanna would love to make your walls sing with her beautiful artwork! Click above to enter thru 7/25


  1. I say go with the eye patch if it comes to that... pirates are always sexy :)

  2. !! the eyeball hair pins made my skin crawl. soo weird and cool at the same time! :)

    i love the eyepatch idea though :)

    xo, katie


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