Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why Do People Try to Teach Me Things...

... That Gross Me Out?!?!

Over the weekend I attended a family reunion where a great aunt had a discussion with me about how to prepare a chicken. I'm not talking about seasoning and grilling. I'm talking blood, guts, and plucking. It was quite graphic and something I could have gone my whole life without knowing.

It got me to thinking about our neighbor up at the cottage. She has probably tried to teach me how to "gut a fish" about 30 times. Every time I come up with some reason to get away.
"Oh man, that sounds great but I've got to go and paint my nails..."

I buy my chicken in pieces and my fish already filleted. And I'm completely okay with that...
Why aren't these women trying to pass on things to me like quilting techniques? Or stories of how they met their husbands??

What's the most interesting thing someone has tried to teach you?

This magnet from franticmeerkat made me giggle!

These prints from johnwgolden are just spectacular!

Love this sweet little pin cushion! From sewtherapy

It's just so realistic! Stained glass by westernartglass
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Hope your day is stunning!


  1. I'm usually the teacher, not of gross things though. I love when I'm met with a blank stare. lol

  2. I love this post, I have a hard time touching raw chicken etc.

  3. Gaaaa ! A very good friend growing up had a little Italian Grandma with a twinkle in her eye - and a mallet in her hand.She would take her eels and slam their heads on the basement floor then skin them! I think it is one of the grossest things because they keep moving after they are dead ! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEKKKKK - There was a Julia Roberts movie where she was a scullery maid and she gets stuck with the eels and she faints while learning to prepare them ! I so felt for her !!!


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